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Our Mission: Stellar Service. Low Cost. Comfortable Care.

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  • Affordable Sedation Options
  • By appointment only. No Waiting.
  • Personalized Attentive Wisdom Teeth Removal


  • Dr. Malya is Fellowship trained in Oral Surgery
  • 12+ years of Service. 50,000+ Wisdom Teeth Safely Removed
  • Ask about Safe Sedation


  • 4 Wisdom Teeth $100-$400 based on Insurance Coverage
  • Low Flat Rates for Self Pay Patients. We Finance (Just Ask)
  • In office 3D CT Scan & Dental Implants

Dear San Antonio,
Does this sound familiar? You are often asked to pay high costs for dental care, in exchange for this high cost, you are expected to wait hours on end with other patients and then accept the rushed delivery of care when it is your "turn." Doctors are forced to run multiple rooms and see as many patients as possible in a day. This is the new normal as corporate dental chains, out of state non-dentist owners, and private capital have worked their way in to the delivery of healthcare. To us, none of this sounds healthy or caring.

Whether it's just a consult, one wisdom tooth, or a single dental implant - You will find us to be intentionally different. You will have the on-time undivided attention of our doctor and team from start to finish at a reasonable & fair price. We do not double book or overbook. Your time & health is just as important to us as our own, this is mutual respect. To us, this is Stellar Service.

Rahul Malya DDS

210 Wisdom Teeth Logo
#Our Cash Price (No Insurance) Other Offices
Exam & 2D Xray $0 $250+
Regular Tooth *Call for Pricing* $350+
1-3 Wisdom Teeth $368 each $600+
4 Wisdom Teeth $1295 $2400+
Implant 3D CT Scan & Exam $0 $300+
Dental Implant (Made in USA) $1295 $1800+
Dental Implant + Crown *Call for Pricing* $3500+

One office. Centrally located. State of the art. Consistent stellar service! 12+ years proudly serving our San Antonio Community.

210 Wisdom Teeth Logo
  • Monday - Saturday:
    8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
    By Appointment Only

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