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Cheap Wisdom Teeth Removal San Antonio?
Whether you are looking for Cheap Wisdom Teeth Removal in San Antonio or a Low Cost Wisdom Teeth Removal office, we are here to provide excellent, conservative, comfortable care. Our focus is on increasing access to care, providing safe comfortable care, and making sure to set our price point where it can be affordable to anyone in San Antonio. We are your go to place for Affordable Wisdom Teeth Removal.

Dry socket wisdom teeth
If you find yourself having moderate to severe pain and a foul odor starting 2 days after your wisdom teeth removal was completed, you may have a dry socket. Dry socket occurs when something has disturbed the blood clot from stabilizing. The walls of the surrounding bone are "dry" instead of plugged by a healthy blood clot. Usually prescription pain medications will not help with dry socket pain. To better help you heal from a dry socket it's best to call your surgeon and ask to be seen. Once in office, the surgeon may recommend placement of a pain blocking paste inside the socket to directly stop the pain and get you rapid relief.

What is the normal amount of wisdom teeth?
Most people on average have 4 wisdom teeth. With regular visits to your general dentist, a panoramic xray can be taken every few years. Usually around the age of 13-14, you will see wisdom teeth start to form. By the age of 16 they are usually well formed, this is the best time for wisdom teeth removal evaluation. Some people have less than four wisdom teeth and some people have more, the only way to truly know is to have regular checkups at your local dentist office or visit us for a free wisdom teeth x-ray and consultation.

Is it normal to have all four wisdom teeth removed at once?
Your surgeon will usually recommend all four wisdom teeth removed at one appointment in order to help you go through healing one time, have to deal with being out of school or work one time, and take medications one time rather than repeated surgeries and recovery. Sometimes it is best to have only one side done at a time, especially if you want to chew on the opposite side while you are healing. Sometimes it's recommended to remove the lower wisdom teeth first because the risks increase over time. This is opposite for upper wisdom teeth, they usually pose lower risk as they drop downwards over time, so waiting on removing the uppers is sometimes recommended.

Wisdom Teeth Hurt
If you find yourself having headaches, jaw pain, tooth pain, gum swelling, or a foul odor from where the wisdom teeth are, you probably know the troubles wisdom teeth cause. Most people do not have enough room in their jaw for the wisdom teeth to erupt normally like adult teeth. When there is not enough room, we call them impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth push on teeth in front causing pain, make it hard to clean the gums around the second molars leading to swelling and foul odors, sometimes serious infections. Prevention at the most optimal time is best. Schedule your free xray and consult and we will be glad to help you with wisdom teeth monitoring.

How to Sleep After Wisdom Teeth Removal
After Wisdom Teeth Removal it is best to sleep on the side that did not have surgery. If you had all four of your wisdom teeth removed then it is best to sleep in an elevated position to allow for drainage and breathing. Either way, please put an old towel down to cover your pillow in case you drool during the night. Never sleep with gauze in the mouth.

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